Tark-Vyuh 4th Edition by kaalecoatwale.com


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Etymologically, the word Tark-Vyuh is composed of two words"Tark" , a hindi word which means "Argument" and "Vyuh", a hindi word which means "Array or Phalanx". Hence , the word Tark-Vyuh signifies "Array of Arguments". The primary objective of this competition is to generate effective critical thinking into primary issues in the given topic. It is virtual open debate competition and would be conducted through Zoom Virtual Meeting/Google MeetOn 6-7 January 2024.

Preliminary Round Topics:

1. THBT recognising the rights of a fetus is as important as recognising the reproductive rights of a woman. 

2. THBT westernisation is an opportunity for cultural evolution and global integration.

3. THBT same sex marriage should be recognised in India.

4. THBT Artificial intelligence poses threat in sectors like healthcare, legal, and beyond.

[Participants are allowed to select only one topic of their choice.]

Final Round Topic- The topic will shared with the participants who will qualify for the final round.

Registration DatesThe Last Date for Registration is 5 January 2024, 11:59, IST.

Registration LinkCLICK HERE

Registration Fees-

Participants are required to submit registration fees of Rs. 99/- by way of online payment mode as per the details given below

UPI - shalinigarg814@oksbi


Name: Shalini Garg 

Account number: 40400660689

IFSC code: SBIN0005453


[Please Contact Ms. Shalini Garg (+91 99108 00643) if you face any difficulty in payment]


1. Certificate of Participation to all.

2. Certificate of Merit for Top 10 Participants.

3. Cash Prizes for top 3. [WORTH ₹5K]

4. 87% off on publication in National Level Journal.

5. Knowledge, Experience & Confidence.

6. Career Counselling sessions by our experts to all the winners.

Participation Guidelines-

The Competition shall be held on 6-7 January 2024.

This competition is open for all the bonafide students from any institution/school/college/university.

1. The language for the debate competition shall be English/Hindi (Bilingual) . 

2. Each speaker will get (2+1) Minute for their speech and after that 1 minute for interjection round.

3.The competition shall consist of 2 rounds: Preliminary Round and Final Round.(According to no. participants the round can be added).

4. The rules and procedure of final round will be shared with the participants who will qualify for that.

5. Participants are allowed to use any source of information during preparatory period of time. No book, document or electronic gadget shall be allowed to the participant while speaking.

6.Participants must keep their videos on visible mode during participation in the session.

7. Participants should ensure proper network connectivity before and during the session.

8.Participants shall not be given any extra time for speaking in case of disconnection due to low network or any technical glitch from the student’s side.

9. In case of any technical glitches from the side of participants, organizing committee will not be liable for that. 

All participants must refrain from disclosing the identity of themselves and their institution at any time and in any manner, during the course of their participation in the competition.

The session will be conducted through ZOOM Platform/Google Meet.

The organizers reserve the right to alter or change the rules or the procedure of the competition.



The decision of the Judges and the Organizing Committee on any issue arising during the competition shall be final and binding. The registration shall be done by filling up the registration form available on our official website. The registration shall be considered complete only when the fee amount Rs.99/- has been paid successfully and the registration form is duly filled with all the credentials.