International Webinar on 'Contemporary trends in International Space Law' at the Faculty of Law, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh


The Faculty of Law organized an International Webinar on 'Contemporary trends in International Space Law' at the Faculty of Law, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. 

Prof. M.Z.M. Nomani, Dean Faculty of Law, delivered the introductory address where he went into detail on the intersection between International Law and Outer Space Law. He further emphasized the need for more research into the field of International Space policies with the advent of the commercialization of space tourism and the positive and leadership role of developing nations especially, India.

The keynote speaker of the webinar, Prof. (Dr.) Sandeepa Bhat B., who is the Director of Aviation and Space Laws at the National University of Juridical Sciences. Prof. Bhat discussed the challenges in space tourism, IPR in space, and military interventions in space-related activities. Prof. Bhat talked about the demarcation line (i.e., the Karman line) and its importance along with the line that needs to be drawn between Space Law and Aviation Law. Furthermore, he also brought attention to the challenges in space tourism insurance.

The next speaker for the Webinar was Prof. Christopher D. Johnson who is the adjunct faculty at Georgetown University, United States of America. He took over as the guest speaker and delivered his lecture which included a closer scrutiny of the existing international space treaties. He discussed the problems that arise from the personal or private ownership of space resources retrieved from space and lunar missions. 

The speakers also entertained questions from both the online participants and the audience at the offline location and graced the gathering with their profound knowledge of the subject. 

The two-hour-long International Webinar also included a knowledgeable and intellectual exchange between the distinguished speakers Prof. Bhat and Prof. Johnson where they discussed the intricacies of space law, its challenges, and the probable solutions as per the National and International policies. 

Dr Shahab Shabbir, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, and the program coordinator proposed the Vote of Thanks where he extended his gratitude to the Dean, the speakers of India and abroad, and the audience. He loudly applauded the contribution of the student Coordinators of the event, viz Khadija, Arman, Sanu, Arham, Rushan, Noorain, and the team for making the webinar a huge success.