Government introducing new drafts for ipc and crpc in the parliament : Union Home Minister Amit Shah

By : Laxmi Sinha

‘Every good thing takes time’ the government took this line seriously and our Union Home Minister Amit Shah mentioned that the government is in the process of introducing new draft bills for Indian Penal Code [IPC] and Code of Criminal Procedure [CrPC] in Parliament. This came as a wild change which will help in speedy justice and fair trial. Most important thing about this change is that this change is based on the people centric legal structure which means it is closely drafted on the basis of people's opinion and their requirements. The drafts are made through the research on primary and secondary research where the secondary research was through questionnaires to people like from organisations, academic lawyers, research centres across the country and the government also invited suggestions from the National Law University of Delhi to suggest the reforms for the new draft bills for the criminal law in the country.

The changes will be good with the future problems because everything needs to be evolved as time flies. The world has undergone a massive change in recent time in terms of technological and other changes which also highlights that the crime has also increased as well. The laws which have been drafted more than 100 years ago need new amendments to lower the crime trend in the country. This will lead to came with new strategy and roadmap to deal with terror, crimes, general law and order. The government will also set up a National Investigation Agency [NIA] in every state by 2024. This will be something new and much needed in every state at this point of time for all the states across the country to deal with terrorism. In this march, the Criminal Procedure [Identification] Bill has also been introduced in Lok Sabha for law enforcement to collect and store samples of a person who is convicted for the commitment for any criminal matters.

The government is taking new steps in every aspect to decrease the trend of crimes in the country by introducing new amendments. The country will see

vast change in justice administration of the country but for this police and other state agencies has to come together to execute these plans.