Book Launch : 'Scientia Juris' by young advocates Ritika Saxena and Aarzoo Singla


The first edition of the book “SCIENTIA JURIS: THE WISDOM OF LAW” with ISBN: 978-93-5701-426-7 launched on August 31st, 2022 at Amazon KDP in the paperback format is the amalgamation of distinct research ideas on diverse topics related to the legal studies. Research Scholars, Lawyers, Academicians, etc. have contributed their views in form of Long/Short Articles and Research papers for which we are truly indebted.

The book begins with a quote “Human Needs Oxygen to Survive, Society Needs Law to Thrive” this is the main message our book wants to convey to our readers.

Advocate Ritika Saxena
Advocate Ritika Saxena 

This book intends to provide the readers knowledge about various legal issues. Law students, lawyers, jurists, etc. may refer to this edition for law related matters particularly of the Corporate, Banking, and Constitutional Law. 

Advocate Aarzoo Singla

This is a result of the collaboration of two friends Adv. Aarzoo and Adv. Ritika Saxena who managed, edited, proofread and compiled the work of various authors as one and framed it as a Book. They both aimed at providing such a platform where individuals of law fraternity may bring up their view, researches, and recent trends of law. And, their exceptional hard work, months of dedication and the will power to achieve heights of success along with the support of other authors made it happen.

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