By- Devesh Singh Tomar (Advocate), Legal Editor, Manupatra

Abstract :

Even after unprecedented rise in feminism, human rights and education, the 21st century witnessed a wide rise in sexual violence across the globe in many forms. This raises question over the popular narration of patriarchy as the single biggest reason behind sexual violence; the issue requires deeper linking of criminology and psychology to under not just the crime i.e. sexual violence but also the person committing the crime. The popular narrative of patriarchy although still holds valid ground, but a more specific and psychological reasons for sexual violence is required to understand the rise of sexual violence in-spite of positive development in many spheres of human society. This paper attempts to analyze few characteristics of sexual offence convicts which can be termed as the internal motive of such convicts for committing the crime of sexual violence.


In contemporary world, crime and justice are increasingly discussed with pressing concerns. The ongoing fear of crime, violence, terror threats and other global conflicts has led to a persistent nous of insecurity. Violence is an important aspect in the creation, maintenance and legitimization of authority and subservience. People all across the world often come across several forms of violence that are interconnected, co-constitutive and commonly reinforcing, and it exist at every level. Violent crime has emerged to be a problem worldwide manifesting itself between various social groups, religious denomination, individuals along with various nations. In India, one of the major threats to the public life and peace is the increasing demonstration of violence both in Public and private places.

The parameters to frame the definition of violence cannot be universally accepted due to widespread differences in the social culture and religion. However in general sense and for legal means, the definition of violence has to be made precise yet general, inclusive and must be able to endure continuous unevenness and inconsistency due to diverse cultural perception of the term ‘violence’.

Aggression can be defined as an activity which results in any physical or mental harm/injury to any person in the surrounding, accompanied by a strong and negative emotion of hate, hostility and loathing. Violence is a complex study that runs across many disciplines naming Criminology, psychology, sociology, biology, medicine and few other disciplines.