All You Need To Know About Forced Sterilization

By : Neha Sharma, Law Student, Banasthali Vidyapith 


There is a flagged concept of forced sterilization in India, likewise of the other countries had for the reason being an increase in the population . As the consent is found to be that agreement which is basically the permission provided on something and as in medical scenarios the silence cannot be counted as a consent . The operations without seeing any gender firstly asks for the consent to either operate or not , with the person providing free and uninfluenced consent to the hospital authorities to carry on . Now , when talking about the forced sterilization the key factor which is the consent to operate the patient for the sterilization is not taken which is what the name is defining in itself by forced sterilization .This Forced Sterilization had begun firstly in 1971 whose breakthrough went successful at some places such as Kerala, Haryana , Rajasthan , Himachal Pradesh , Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh . There has been an array of sterilization which shook the deaths of people due to which the residential of the shanty town and beggars disappeared . The irrationality in the matter of men and women went 1:53 of sterilization for the sake of curbing the population respectively .The rural people were targeted as they were counted to be the major reason for increase in population ,the reason their kids are found to be problem is that there is no such income earned by the rural residents that can fulfill their basic amenities . The Prime Minister Indira Gandhi called for it as an emergency and the sterilization took place which gave a rise to the Social and Economic Problems in the nation . Escaping middlemen had tried ignoring such ill practices of the Government as they were immoral in every sense and in turn those escapes made by such were being punished by the regulating authority with the act of salaries been chopped off and the jobs been snatched off specifically . There accountably 81 Lac of cases on record ,which is reflecting the number of people getting sterilized under the same campaign . The man were rather got sterilized in comparison to the that of women which was quantified in the ratio latter mentioned . This emergency got proved to be extremely problematic as the doctors during that period had operated 81 people in 6 hours a day .

Keywords :- Consent , compulsory sterilization ,women, underprivileged , disabled , Irrationality , discrimination , rights , 

Forced sterilization of girls and women with disabilities [wwd] :

As the girls who are sent to school with disabilities had been faced in their day to day lives with the people who molest them and violate their rights and liberties of freedom of life .Those girls even facing such violation of their rights doesn't raise their voice against such foul practices as they had an inherited figured fear and distress of losing their allowances of education as in under the ambit of providing them safety to life but this right is restricting right to education as well which is never a dead loss to snatching off this right . These WWD has been living in molested as well as sexual violence life which can shock the parents /guardians and to the resistance shown towards this shock has led those WWD to be the victim of forced sterilization so for the stoppage of the unexpected pregnancies occurring due to this latter mentioned reason.

So, be there one reason towards the sexual violence faced by the WWD is that they cannot show friction towards this molestation and the girls victim of the molestation are 4 times more in the WWD rather than the women in general .As they had not escaped the situation there is bit autistic nature adopted in their behavior .due to this . As the parents/guardians has to look upon them so their responsibilities will be burdened if the same WWD have an offspring of the same kind ,this is the stated reason for forced sterilization commission by the guardians . Even this compulsion is also practiced through the application of DEPRO-V pills method of contraception. Because those caregivers of WWD themselves find a complex in explaining the concept of menstrual cycle and the ways to handle it , because this period gives them a thing to get uncomfortable about or let themselves get soiled which in turn makes the guardian feel ashamed about this in front of others . Entrusting the focus on the forced sterilization and sexual violence happening to the WWD which can be solved by either taking the help from legal authorities which in turn did not give any attention to such case filing by them nor the active participants in filing case laws acts in a justified manner as they too molests the approaching WWD . The female officials must be appointed for the sake of two reasons as the female and male officials must be selected on equal and fair basis and the other reason being WWD suffered with the molestations or any forced sterilization through must be able to convey their conditions and medical test with some acceptable comfort ,so to able to fight against it .NGOs is good when it comes to help the WWD by providing the legal support on behalf of them as well as to protest against those ill practices against them .

Human rights in patient care framework [hrpc] :-

It`s is the basic implementation and inclusion of rights which are allotted towards the forced or compulsory sterilization which has been practiced in case of patients and that is basically the violation of liberty and some rights of those patients . Human rights in patient care framework are those basic rules and regulation under which the patients and the medical provider are imparted with some rights in turn placing the responsibility and duty over the state to protect the latter rights . 

Strategically , we can divide this concept of human rights in patient care framework into three important categories which can be classified as further :-

1. Vulnerability of inferior patients towards discrimination in health care settings:- 

 Those women in and are residents of marginalized areas had been facing the total discrimination on the basis of the commission of such acts such as forced sterilization . As they are counted as an inferior in procreation and the stigma are focused upon them ultimately which victimize them of the such coerced sterilization . In eastern Europe and Roma there are those stigmatized women which are accounted in forced sterilization victim .

2. Significance of rights of medical provider :-

Medical provider are found to be the operator of forced sterilization in which people find a common logic to point a medical negligence had been flagged only by the individual`s activity but that part is exclusive on the factual part .The main role here is allowance to continue the activity with one`s full knowledge and consent which has been provided hereinafter by the concerned institution ,and not only the individual's fault .

3. Role of state :- 

As the state has many responsibilities and duties towards citizens it takes action as and when needed. The citizen is facing a situation of forced sterilization which was led by a failure in getting the justice ; here comes the role of state in protecting the interests and rights of the situation by protesting against it .     


The Forced or the coerced Sterilization took major implementation over the women with HIV , women with disabilities , women living in marginalized area , pauper which came in the way of world as well as on racial basis . This procedure targeted the whole world and found legality in some nations as well . The difference was caught in this kind of sterilization in many features such as the women didn`t had any complete information about the operation being related to the sterilization , or the women being consented forcibly under the illiteracy or poor strata livelihood , the fraudulent consent attained through the differently written language or language jargon played likewise latter mentioned in the case law of AS v. Hungary . Hence, thereinafter there were many suits filed against the practice of Forced Sterilization which were establishing the issue that there has been as violation of guaranteed rights under the ambit of Right To Family and other Right To Information and so on .


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