Force Majeure (Act of God) Clauses During Covid-19


By : Roudro Mukhopadhyay (Student BALLB) OP Jindal Global Law School.

Abstract :

The fight of life was going super smooth until this pandemic was announced by the World Health Organisation in March 2020. The sudden and unreported outbreak of COVID-19 virus in the Wuhan Province soon from gaining a cross-border character turned into a global public health emergency. During the initial period of this pandemic, no one would have thought that it will last for so long. Soon this pandemic apart from its health and emotional impacts started producing its adverse financial impacts on the daily lives of people. The functioning of all the multi-national companies was stalled, local shops and malls were shut down, employees lost their regular jobs, labourer lost their jobs and most aggressively it affected the contractual relationships between many parties as well as governments of different nations. Even the governments started taking the defence of this pandemic to defend their failure to discharge their promises. 

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