Mass exodus of ethnic minority group : The Rohingya crisis

Author : Tusharika Singh Gaharvar


Described by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres as "one of, if not the, most discriminated people in the world", the Rohingya are one of Myanmar's many ethnic minorities.iThe number of Rohingya is around one million in Myanmar at the beginning of 2017.They are one of the many ethnic minorities in the country. The Rohingya Muslims represents the significant proportion of Muslims in Myanmar, along with the majority living in Rakhine state. Rohingya have their own language and culture and it was stated that they are descendants of Arab traders and other groups who have been in the region for generations.The Rohingya people have faced discrimination, statelessness and earmark violence in the State of Rakhine, Myanmar for decades. Such persecution and execution have forced Rohingya women, girls, boys and men into Bangladesh for many years, with significant prongs following violent attacks in the years 1978, 1991-1992, and again in 2016. It was triggered in August 2017 by the largest and fastest refugee influx into Bangladesh. In Myanmar, entire villages were burned to the ground by Buddhist group, families were got separated and killed, women and girls were gang raped. Most of the people who escaped from it were severely traumatized after witnessing unspeakable atrocities.

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