Media and Democracy

Author : Kratika Kushwah , Amity Law School , Lucknow 


Media and Democracy both are interrelated to each other. In other words, the media is the fourth pillar of democracy. Without the media we can’t imagine our planet. Media is the most exciting thing that controls the human persona. Now if we talk about democracy, it’s a shell which is chosen by the people of India and the political leaders have to work with full dedication for their citizens who voted for them and give them their positions. Democracy works on one basic policy ie- ‘Of the people, by the people, forthe people’. Democracy has to work for the welfare of society by making valid laws and amendments. Leaders should give some powers to citizens so that they can share their individual point of view and take part in policy making and somewhat mass media plays a major role by listening to local peoples but sometimes the situation gets worse and leads to violence. Through this article, we will get to know in detail what’s the role of media in democracy, how rights and opportunity of media are connected with one another and how important the media is and what would happen if the media didn’t exist.


Media always brings out the truth in front of citizens and if the media doesn't exist then democracy will work according to their wish without thinking if and but of any policy and citizens will never understand the reality. Media always brings out the truth in the public eye. Media is the watchdog of our democracy who monitors all the activities like corruption, policies, political party agendas etc. But as we saw in the present situation that sometimes people have doubts on the media also like -Is the media fair? Is the media giving proper and right news?

We have to understand one thing that the media is independent and the media try to give their best so that every citizen must understand the condition of our nation. Sometimes we don't agree with the media but that’s individual opinions and we should respect every individual because everyone has different opinions and so that media focuses on every aspect.


● Mass media plays an essential role to represent and bring public opinion in limelight.

● Mass media is a link between democracy and citizens.

● Mass Media comes with news ideas so that everyone can think and represent themselves.

● Mass media helps to preserve our culture.

● Mass media raises points regarding studies and students and focuses on education.

● Mass media also bring some entertainment in tough situations.


● Sometimes mass media is not good for childrens like it brings news related to violence.

● Media sometimes misuse powers given to them and how we can discuss further with reference to the constitution.

● Sometimes the media exaggerate the message.

● Students may also get distracted.

● News relating to crimes like robbery, theft increase the chances for children to do the same.


Under Article 19(1)(a) of the constitution of India “right to freedom of speech and expression” is given.

The right introduces plainly means to obtain information and disperse particular information. It also gives the right to use any method for giving information ie, by electronic method, advertisements or by speaking or writing. But one exception exists under article 19(2) that the media can’t use other methods to prevent any conspiracy and should give crystal clear information and prevent the misuse.

Under Article 19 of the constitution of India many rights have been given and among them one is freedom of speech. According to the Supreme Court no extra right has been given to the media and it comes only under article 19(1)(a).

In SAKAL PAPERS V. UNION OF INDIAThe Supreme Court through this case clearly said that freedom of press is not coming under the fundamental right but it’s insinuated in freedom of speech and expression.


In democracy all citizens are getting information through the media. Through the media we are able to understand how to interpret and observe every activity very precisely. Sometimes media may also not correct and must not give right information but we have to focus on how freedom of media and freedom of speech may go hand in hand without hurting other sentiments and must give information related to topics and present our point of view . Media should not misuse their powers and must be fair in every situation. Media has an informer role so that it should supply right news and let the public choose what is better for them.